I want a world of magic

I think about this often. I live in a world of make believe. I want that. I want that world of glitter and lights and magic. When I can put on a mask and be whoever, whatever I want to be. I want light to surround me, engulf me. (this is a quote by me btw)

Puppy Dog

I think this dog I met the other day was extremely cute. I love how dogs can be so happy over the smallest things….

I love animals

I wish my dogs liked to play with balls. This little dog loves balls. I wish mine did too. I wish there was something that I loved so much. I wish there was something that made me that happy – that was that simple.

Oh the places you'll go

I love the place that I live. I wish I could do this tight-rope walk. I wish that I could do this. I love going to the park, and I love being there. I love the things I see when I am there.


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