Posted on: May 25, 2012

I am playing around with photo shop, attempting to learn…and writing and drawing out quotes I find interesting.

I don’t really know what the word never means. I mean it is true you never can know what will happen, but I feel like that’s just an excuse. I’m not sure…

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I wonder what I am to people.

Would my friends say I’m their best friend?

Am I the first person someone calls when they are upset?

Do I have value for someone?

Sometimes, sometimes….it would just be nice to know that someone out there sees just how amazing you really are. I think we all need that someone or someones who look at us, see into our soul…

They look at you and think you are unlike anything else on this Earth. That you are amazing. That they think of you constantly . That you are the first person they want to call.

It’s like a special bond with someone. People can have different sorts of bonds…but it’s something more than friendship.

It’s a connection its a connection that is there even if you have just known someone for five minutes. You know?

I want that just *snap* more than this Earth thing connection. You know where two people are drawn together like magnets..or they fully repel each other. That’s true love.

I wonder who my connection will be and where I will meet them


You know when you feel numb? I’m in this limbo right now: that limbo of where I just want to be alone or I just want someone to hold me for a while an not let go. So I’m just sort of stuck right now. I’m happy, It’s not that. I just am learning to be an adult and deal with things. It sucks sometimes.

I have two very important things to get done this summer and I haven’t really been working on either of them. Suffice it to say…the outcome does not look good.

I’m usually smiling and happy..but right now..right now I’m in limbo.

I don’t want a relationship and I know the kind of person who I will someday want a relationship with. I’m not going to settle. I’m not going to force things that aren’t there. I’m not going to settle. I’m not. I’m done. I’m tired of dating, and I don’t care I’m not going to wait around. I’m going to live my life and if love comes my way and its real and honest and right and works. great…

What I am disappointed in is people. I thought I had better friends, and friends I could really count on. I’ve always tried to be there for my friends. You know? I feel like I’m the one always calling to hang out with people. Sometimes I feel like I’m close to someone and then idk. I really try to be there for everyone I care about..but I’m starting to see that it’s not worth it.

I’m putting in so much effort into friendships and its wasted. They don’t care.

But what really sucks right now is this weekend. Three things have really popped up this week that have been really hard for me, and there is some stuff I don’t wanna deal with this weekend. It’s like I want someone to hold me you know. Where I feel safe, and their skin is soft, and they smell good. But right now I don’t have that person. but i know ts worth the wait. i dream of the day there is someone truly in love with me.

Life is really simple. We over-analyze over think. If a guy likes you he will kiss you. If a guy says he doesn’t like you then he doesn’t end of story. I have to grow up. We all do.

I look at what is in front of me. And all I want is that someone…but I’m not searching for them. When I’m ready (which isn’t right now) and I meet the right person etc. then …I know what I want and need in relationships and I’m not settling..but I dont want one right now..


but sometimes, don’t you just want someone who thinks your amazing, someone who can’t help but be around you, don’t you just want someone who thinks about you nonstop?




Posted on: May 24, 2012

I saw this image and was wondering if it was true. Sometimes I’ll hear a song or see something or read something and just cry. You know? I don’t know if it’s pain or happiness … It’s just like a release. It’s sometimes after remembering something, the thing about it is sometimes I’m cry when I’m not happy or sad..I can be remembering something good or bad, and sometimes I just “need” to cry. Nothing particular I just feel like it. Does that make sense. There’s nothing wrong with crying, but I think understanding why you’re crying is important.




What do you think about crying?

I turn 23 this year. I’m so not ready



I think it’s important that women know their worth. They don’t need to let it all hang out.



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