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“There are five billion people living on this planet. But you fall in love with one particular person, and you won’t swap her for any other.”
― Jostein Gaarder, The Solitaire Mystery


Update there are now more people on the planet


If the first thing a guy says to me has to do with my looks….he has no chance. There are different levels though. A guy that says ” I just have to tell you that you look gorgeous” I’m like wtf that’s creepy go away. Or a guy will say you’re cute or something. If it’s not totally creepy its okay. The thing is with guys like this all they talk about it what you look like. They want pictures of you. They call you “sweety”. They only talk about your looks and then are like I really wanna get to know you, we should hang out. I really like you. Bullshit you don’t like me..YOU want some BOOOOTAY.Go away..Besides how can you even like me you just saw me told me I was cute and that we should hang out. What if you’re an axe murderer , what if i’m an axe murderer. Seriously. guys are idiots…unless they aren’t looking for a woman who respects herself and has class. Guys like this are never going to treat you how you deserve..if all they want to do is look at you and talk about your looks thats a frickin red flag. Oh and if he asks you like sexually referencey kinda stuff. Just was away…You can do better.


…and I hate it when a guy calls me the following and we just met “sweetie” “cutie” “pretty lady” “doll” “baby”




I can’t never tell when someone is or isn’t into me. Maybe I just overthink things I’m not sure

Has anyone done this.i remember doing this when I was little and recently do but that had to do with gummy worms







Is it true that people change their body language when they like you



Does he love technology or me?





The following is toootaly how I’ve felt with people



This doesnt have to do with the post but it’s funny



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