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Posted on: May 26, 2012



I just found this website….you have a virtual stapler?




1. Buy a Coloring Book – Or Print Out Pages to Color: I think that just sitting down with a box of crayons and doodling and coloring can be one of the most therapeutic things. I’m not really sure why. It is a very freeing and therapeutic thing. Sometimes when I stressed out doing crafts is therapeutic. It’s like a creative outlet or something. Does that help you?

Download Coloring Book Pages : Here

2. Therapeutic Noises – The idea of this website is great. You can specialize the sounds that are most relaxing. Lay down, close your eyes, and then just listen: here

3. Warm Milk with Vanilla – It can even we soy milk. This is something that helps people relax and it definitely helps me relax.

4. Lay in the Sunlight – Getting some sun rays can do wonders for you.

5. Do Nothing For Two Minutes: Here – Trust Me

6. Virtual Aquarium: Here

Fish and Aquariums – Always soothing. Play with the fishes

7. Find Songs and Music Tailored to Your Mood: Here

This site is great you can choose the feeling you want to hear like “calm” you can even choose the decade of the music.

8. CRAY CRAY Sounds to Jump up and Down: Press the Button

This website is great, you get to push buttons. You push a button and then weird wacka-doodle noises come out. It is like crazy crazy train. Just let go and run around and be a crazy sassy pants.

9. Have Ease of Mind – Don’t Forget Things: A Website Can Test you a Reminder: Here


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