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“There are five billion people living on this planet. But you fall in love with one particular person, and you won’t swap her for any other.”
― Jostein Gaarder, The Solitaire Mystery


Update there are now more people on the planet


“We are thrown together with a sprinkling of stardust.”
― Jostein Gaarder, The Solitaire Mystery
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I read this book all the time when I was younger. I loved it. It was like this whole magic thing to me.

“How terribly sad it was that people are made in such a way that they get used to something as extraordinary as living.”- The Solitaire Mystery

I think this is something amazing. I find this whole book filled amazing words. One of the best books I have read. It taught me so many lessons.

“When you realize there is something you don’t understand, then you’re generally on the right path to understanding all kinds of things.”- The Solitaire Mystery


“The sun burnt every day. It burnt Time. The world rushed in a circle and turned on its axis and time was busy burning the years and the people anyway, without any help from him. So if he burnt things with the firemen and the sun burnt Time, that meant that everything burnt!”
– Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

This book made me think. This book caused me to think. It was about books and it made sense to me. I found it was strong. I found that it was showing someone you cared. I find so much passion in the book. It makes me realize the importance of books themselves. All of the words seemed to have such power behind them.


“The important thing for you to remember, Montag, is we’re the Happiness Boys… you and I and the others. We stand against the small tide of those who want to make everyone unhappy with conflicting theory and thought. We have our fingers in the dike. Hold steady. Don’t let the torrent of melancholy and drear philosophy drown our world.” — Captain Beatty




This is one of the books that had the most impact on my life. It is a book that I hold dear. It is a book that I look at I find it amazing that George Orwell could predict our society today so long ago. Maybe not in an identical manner. He saw something. He had this vision of how the future would be.

It’s interesting the way the world is now, it is interesting the way the world could one day be. If you have not read this book you need to. I have learned so much from it.


“Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct; nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and re-inscribed exactly as often as was necessary.”
– George Orwell


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