Posted on: May 24, 2012

I saw this image and was wondering if it was true. Sometimes I’ll hear a song or see something or read something and just cry. You know? I don’t know if it’s pain or happiness … It’s just like a release. It’s sometimes after remembering something, the thing about it is sometimes I’m cry when I’m not happy or sad..I can be remembering something good or bad, and sometimes I just “need” to cry. Nothing particular I just feel like it. Does that make sense. There’s nothing wrong with crying, but I think understanding why you’re crying is important.




What do you think about crying?


5 Responses to "Tears"

I make it a point to cry when I have to – alone! Trying to be strong sometimes does more harm than good. Left eye, right eye – I don’t know!! — but I think i cry more because of pain or sadness —- not happiness =_______________________=”’

Hello there..

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The second picture is so true, isn’t anything a baby does the most natural way to do things? Obviously, we’re not going to cry if we need a snack, we just get a snack, but when something has moved you in such a way, be it good or bad, isn’t release the most natural choice?

great thoughts! I think if I feel like crying I’m going to cry. You know?

Absolutely. People spend way too much time worrying about ‘looking silly’ in front of others. A good cry never hurt anybody.

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