A video of me (well actually two…because I fail)

Posted on: May 19, 2012

You know when you think you know what your voice sounds like, but then you hear it.. ya my voice is weird.

I wanted to make a video because now you can hear my thoughts and see me as I say them…i’m bizarre sorry. Love everyone on here thank you for all your love and support.


Part 1

Part 2


5 Responses to "A video of me (well actually two…because I fail)"

You are too cute. And I don’t even own a santa suit. Lol. Just for the record.

Tenting up the nose. Nice.

Epic failingness… perfect! Didn’t see a shadow the whole time. But loved the sentiments!

hahaha.. the shadow was there

You cannot really tell on the light. Check out videopad video editor, I use to use it for all of my video work. It’s a free video editor, and quite easy to use.

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