How to be a Grown-Up (Part 1)

Posted on: May 18, 2012


1. Believe in Magic

When I was a child, everything seemed possible. When I wanted something, I wanted it. Plain and simple. My biggest problems including wearing the same shirt as someone or a boy pulling on my hair. Oh, how things have changed. When I was a kid the littlest things were the most amazing. I found joy and happiness in the smallest things. It seems like things life has gotten much more complicated since then. People get upset because their coffee had 2% milk rather than non-fat. People live their lives defined by rules.

2. Throw Away Hand Sanitizer

Stop living in a word full of sanitized things. Extra-clean anti-microbial hoooey.

Live a little and roll around in the dirt

3.Learn to admit that you are wrong. That is something about being an adult. I mean admit you are wrong and really mean it. Realize when you have made a mistake.

4. Take accountability – Take Responsibility. Stop making excuses. Live up to the things that you do. Take responsibility for everything you do – the mistakes the great choices.

5. Draw a mustache on your face and speak in a British accent.

6. Eat Banana Pancakes

7. Live life life you are in a musical. Have a theme song. Bust out in song. Sing like that crazy person when you are in the car, be that crazy person dancing around in the car. Bust a move.

8. Put glitter somewhere. Put it in your hair, put it on your bed. Put it anywhere and everywhere.


4 Responses to "How to be a Grown-Up (Part 1)"

Reblogged this on The Josh Newsletter and commented:
I came across this when someone liked one of my posts, thought I’d share it with everyone else as I enjoyed reading it.

I am so flattered!

I found it entertaining, so I felt the need to reshare it.

I love this post. Absolutely love it.

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