How to get de-stressified … the classy way

Posted on: May 15, 2012

How to get de-stressed – How to be stress free

How to stop being lame and realize life is awesome


1. Buy a bedazzler (buy)

2. Bedazzle everything

3. Bubble wrap…… Do it here online

4. Watch this video – be a champion- rinse and repeat

5. Eat string cheese – and have a peanut butter n’ jelly sandwich on honey wheat bread.

6. See how many animal’s Tom Hanks is (so random right) Here


7. Punch Something – Destroy Something – Go to the Dark Side

(please do not injure yourself or others)

8. Calm yourself?


9. Realize we have all been in this situation

10. Everybody Poops


11. Be Glad This Isn’t You


12. Stop Caring

13. Laugh at Harvard


1 Response to "How to get de-stressified … the classy way"

Ironically a lot of cars ended up in pools where I live after a hurricane (katrina) came through! It’d be really bad to have driven the car in!

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