What Does Disney Teach Us About Men and Women

Posted on: May 9, 2012




13 Responses to "What Does Disney Teach Us About Men and Women"

Oi! It’s true… good thing Disney didn’t openly share his opinions on minorities too!

Ha! great post. It’s interesting that children are soaking all of this in. It’s even more interesting that this is how most people see the world. That men are strong and women are weak. Such a shame as normally it’s the other way around!! 🙂

It’s definitely interesting what kids learn from disney movies.. lets just say i took a lot out of disney movies when I was a kid. and none of it has come true. its disappointing

so true.. great post!

I love this post. I wrote an essay for a creative writing course once about how Disney ruined my life by bombarding me with all these unrealistic expectations of men. I really don’t know any of the prince’s names… do they even have names?
Again, great post!

haha maybe Prince Charming? All of them…idk. so true right

Disney cartoons are just Mills & Boon for kids . Many shallows characters.. I’ve really enjoyed watching them but still these things irk me 🙂
Great post !

[…]  Read here (I really don’t think anyone knows the name of any prince in any Disney movie lol…) […]

haha they are all “prince charming”

I googled the princes

Snow White: His name is “The Prince”
Cinderella: “Prince Charming”
Ariel: “Prince Eric”
Sleeping Beauty: “Prince Phillip”
Beauty and the Beast: “Prince Adam” aka the Beast

heres the whole list

I guess some fairytales, under closer scrutiny, are just sorry allegories.

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