It’s all crap…More than YOLO – More than Today – More than Tomorrow

Posted on: May 9, 2012

Start with this

Crap…it’s all crap. Stop reading and thinking…just go fucking do something.

*I apologize for the profanity – I think the only word is the F word..but it used quite frequently. I am using it to stress the importance of this message and the passion behind it. It may not be the right way to go..but it’s how I do it. I apologize if you don’t like the F word. “

I have re-started and re-started this post and I feel like I finally have the perfect start. Ferris. Be Ferris. We should learn from this movie.


You’re hurt? I want you to feel pain. You’re afraid? I want you feel fear. You’re happy? I want you to experience joy. I want it all. I want you to feel the good and the bad. It’s something we all have to go through. It’s like a river, ripples and crashing waves. No one knows what’s around the bend , no one knows the weather forecast.You just gotta go into it wanting an experience..Good or Bad


This is so true. People hate it when they seem someone happy. They are jealous for a reason. BE happy LIVE happy.

I do not care if you exercise every day. I don’t care if you can run a billion miles without sweating. Healthy Body DOES NOT MEAN HEALTHY MIND. you have to realize this. It’s more than just eating or running or whatever..It’s using your heart.



This is one of the quotes I think we all need to read. It says that life is about complications. It’s about not getting what you want. It’s about things working out. It’s about making mistakes. It’s about growing. It’s about embracing that. Knowing there will be really shitty times. Know there will be great times. Learn through the good and the bad. That’s the thing. You have to realize that living life doesn’t mean you’re going to be freaking shitting rainbows every day. You shouldn’t …first of all that’s really creepy. You don’t want that.

That point where you are on the edge – means you are living. That point where you might lose everything and fall and the place you feel safe and get to watch the world… That’s living that’s living. That’s living and knowing there can be good and bad as a result of everything. Love that.

Be Hardcore … that means go all the way with it..go all don need smoke and mirrors (lol) you just need you. Even if you means you are crying with mascara running all over your face. [This happens to me all the time]Be hard core.


There is this one thing. You cannot be defined. Don’t look at yourself to be something don’t have expectations. Don’t ever. They will end up making you disappointed. I want a muffin today. I want a poppy seed muffin. Oh crap they are out of poppy seed muffins. Don’t get mad..Instead try a new muffin.



Life is constantly changing. Life is under construction…constantly. Life is simple. Humans make life complicated. That’s my opinion.

When it comes to life our choices are simple. It’s our heads that get in the way.

You know when you want advice? You know how you ask people questions? Well when you think about it, the fact of the matter is – we know the answer already. We just want to hear it come out of someone’s mouth. It’s silly. It’s like we need validation.

If I asked you a question right would know the answer , even if you said you didn’t know. Something will pop into your head, and you will know.

What matters most to you?

What do you love?

Who do you love?

What makes you happy?

What is holding you back right now?

I forget to do this even though I know these things. That’s the heart of the matter. We all know what is right deep down inside of us. We just feel it in our bones. Something prevents us. I tend to be bad at taking advice, even my own. That is well sucked. I have screwed up more times than I you can imagine.

I screw up all the time. I do things with my heart. I’ve been there and back. I’ve tried new things. I’ve felt pain, loss, and suffering. I’ve felt joy and happiness. I’ve felt fear. I’ve been knocked off my horse, and rolled around in the dirt. I haven’t always stood up for myself. I know what I have done hasn’t always been in my best interest. I know these things. That’s the funny thing. Sometimes I am like oh I can’t stand up for myself…even though I know I should. It’s like this internal battle…This stupid internal battle that I know I shouldn’t be having. The answer is simple.


I’m becoming an adult. 1) it fucking sucks 2) you have to do things you don’t want to — because they aren’t good for you 3) you realize the things you thought you wanted you never actually wanted them 4) i’m not so good at this grown up thing yet. I’m fighting and pushing.

Here is the thing. I hate the bullshit like “be better” “be true to yourself”  This isn’t that. It’s that fucking get off your ass and realize that you aren’t living. Fucking get off your ass and live. You think living is dealing with other people’s crap?  You think living is being in a bad relationship? You think living is not standing up for yourself? You don’t owe anything to anyone and no one should dictate your happiness.

Here you say: I am living. BULLSHIT. You aren’t shit, I am not even living. It’s fucking hard to live. You have to free yourself of constraints. Life in the moment and you will change. You will experience something amazing.

I can’t fully live every single day. I can’t live a lot of the time. That is something I truly suck at, actually. I suck I suck at living. I get caught up in all the shit.

I’m not gonna tell you to feel yourself or be yourself or be the change you want to see….BULLCRAP. I don’t like that whole thing. No matter how many times I freaking read those words anywhere or I read stupid motivation…I’m like oh ya this sounds awesome…I should totally do this…and THEN FAIL.

It doesn’t matter how many times you read it or think it…It doesn’t fucking matter. You have to do it. You have to actually change something.


This is so true. It’s like whatever there is no right no wrong. Just now. Sorry it also really makes me smile.

The image below is about public school lol. But I want you to think of it as life. I want you to think hey I am not realizing all the fan-fucking-tastic things around me right now.


What’s done is done. That’s the thing. If it happened five minutes ago , an hour ago, a year ago, five years ago…it’s done. And by thinking about it and clinging to it you will be stuck. You will be stuck in blob land. Where you aren’t moving. You’ll just be a lame-o blob thing. You won’t be human. The world will wash right over you. You will be like a mountain with water causing your erosion. The longer you say in the past the longer you hold onto the past, the more the world will pass you by and the more you will lose yourself.



haha. sorry I just had a moment.

Sometimes I forget how awesome I I just got really side tracked because of that awesomeness. Oops



This song is called Stuck …It’s like I’m busy doing nothing. What am I doing. That’s right this is your sassy anthem get up baby and dance.





I would like you to live now. With your heart with everything.

Know there’s something in the water. Feel it. Love life. Open Your Eyes For the First Time. Be Free

You’re on your own from there bitches




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