Balancing the Crazy

Posted on: May 9, 2012

In case you don’t know this story, I am crazy. A lot crazy. Like over the moon gone and not coming back.

The crazy has always been inside me..That’s true. However, in the last two years the crazy has been released. It has become more powerful. It has taken hold. I am at it’s mercy and I love it. It means that life is never boring at least. Sometimes I get Wild. I mean just not like crazy. I don’t go out and drink or smoke or do drugs. This is a different kind of crazy. This crazy is saying Hi to everyone in the world. Having no head-mouth filter. Having no sense of personal boundaries. In addition, it means I make new best friends everyday. It’s crazy.

The crazy wasn’t always this out of control. Lately , for the last two years at least…the crazy has reared its head. Why you may ask? Why has the crazy come out? Well, like I said the crazy has come out.

My best friend (Samantha <3) was around me before. For the last two years she has been on the other side of the country going to graduate school (btw she is graduating next week! GO SAM!) . People are often surprised that she and I are best friends. It’s because it seems like we have drastically different personalities. Sam is more reserve calm and logical. I am just weird. You see when Sam and I are around each other she balances out my crazy – brings me to a state of calm, a state of balance. She’s always there and helps me be like rational and focused. I can talk to her about everything, and she has the best advice. In turn I give Sam a little crazy. I push her to do new things and try new things. Although our personalities see like polar opposites I don’t think this is true. I think we are actually really similar and have similar views on life, values, etc. We like mesh. We both care about work and school. We are super similar, we just have a different approach to it. I am so lucky to have her .

So I am attributing the unleashed craziness due to the fact she’s not around. I’m pretty sure this is it. Either that or the crazy has turned into a new animal. SAMMY I miss you 🙂 You’re my best friend soulmate -> screw boys. I have you.





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