The Word Love

Posted on: May 6, 2012

Someone brought something to my attention. It’s something I have thought about, but they made this thing very clear for me. It made sense. We tend to throw the word “love” around. I know that I have done this. We have made this word this hollow meaningless thing. (When we think it means everything). This person told me they’d rather wait years to say those words so they meant something. Not two months into a relationship. Say it when it’s like there, like so powerful. Only say it when you mean it with everything. Give power back to that word. It’s funny we all want to hear we are loved. But when people say they love us to they really mean it? I think someone that waits to say I love you…that’s the best thing in the world. It makes it real. It’s true.



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I love this so much.

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