How To Know If You’re In Love – The List…I Think

Posted on: May 6, 2012

*Btw all these little play thingy writing things i’m trying to learn like photoshop and illustrator and I suck but muahahhaah

I think you are in love when its the right type of person for you with similar values, you are at the same place in your lives and there is this unspeakable connection. Not just chemistry. There is a feeling between the two of you…and you communicate well, and show trust, compassion, and love.


1. You’re a mess

2. You’re doing that yo-yo back and forth brain thing (maybe yes, maybe no)

3. The lyrics to songs make sense. Or at least when you hear them you get really emotional and you’re like thinking about that person.

4. You get really jealous just thinking about them being around someone else.

5. You’re crazy

6. …crazier than usual

7. Your brain is like all over the place.. pop pop pop pop

8. You watch the notebook – sleepless in seattle  – you’ve got mail – any other meg ryan movie

9. You’ve forgotten your ex

10. You like the weird things about them. Now I mean the really weirdo bizarro things

11. You like how they smell, not their perfume or whatever but them

12. You get a twinkle in your eye around them

13. You smile differently around them

14. You’re thinking about them as you read this

15. You truly care about them

16. You want to make them smile

17. Other priorities take a backseat

18. You just know

19. You smile when you think about them

20. They are the first person you want to tell about your day.

21. Whenever you see anything exciting or cool or weird you have to tell them

22. You make intense eye contact with eachother

23. Your imagination runs really wild crazy

24. You just want to dance around every second even when there is no music playing

25. You feel hope, a sense of hope you haven’t felt in a long time

26. They are constantly on your mind

27. You just want them, just to be with them, just close to them

28. Nothing sounds better than being held in their arms

29. You want to kick their ass in sports

30. You always want to compete with them in something

31. You stop noticing other people of the opposite sex

32. You blush

33. Everywhere you go your hope they walk around the corner

34. That heart brain thing is working

35. You have this like pain in your chest

36.Even though you know it can’t work right now, you can’t help yourself

37. It hurts

38. It won’t go away

* i realized something today. I thought that I had been in love more than once. But I haven’t. I have loved people. I have felt love for them. But true in love. Once. That’s it. That was it because that was the time when there were no other motives and nothing and no reasons or choices. It just was. It wasn’t forced. It’s funny you think you’re in love in some relationships and then you realize after…no* maybe its just me sorry random

….i have to stop now..this was a bad list



3 Responses to "How To Know If You’re In Love – The List…I Think"

it’s always quite entertaining to read your posts!!

Um…I hope this is a good

your posts are always cute & hilarious to read…you must be a genuine character 😀

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