I’m Crazy – Episode 2: Update

Posted on: May 4, 2012


This imaginary epic that I seem to have manifested for some bizarre reason, because I’m bizarre…is continuing, at least I am going to say it is continuing. There is not real complex epic story and awesomeness…I have just imagined this whole thing.I think I have totally become delusional. This is because there are no new movies or tv shows that I am liking. So I am inventing my own drama to potentially make my life more interesting. Basically this means I am a loser. I create drama out of the most drama-free situations. By drama I mean adventure. I mean excitement. So the epic today has begun. There was a moment. Then I realized that I need to end this epic. I need to end this imagination. I need to stop writing this story. There is no future for it.

This has to do with my problems with having expectations. I expect things to happen, I want them to happen, but that does not mean they will happen. We can’t choose the people who are going to be in our lives. The basic thing I have to remember is that I am worthy and people who are meant to be in my life will make an effort to do so.
I take things personally too much too. I take actions of niceness too far, and imagine they are more than someone being nice, that it means there are deeper feeling..When it is simply someone nice. In addition, I also have these blah moments where I’m mad or upset easily. Basically I need to work on these things, and I know that. But in this situation I can’t for some reason. I’m addicted. So I’m going to send myself to rehab, avoid him, and move on.

Why do we ignore people we don’t like and they chase after us, but we don’t ignore the people we do like and they run away. This is shitty.


2 Responses to "I’m Crazy – Episode 2: Update"

Seems the whole world is addicted to drama, you ain’t alone sis!

I’m with you on this one

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