My Epic Fail – Get Unstuck from That Rut List

Posted on: May 1, 2012

This is me being a kid again at disneyland


I realize that lately, I have failed. Failed at doing things for myself. Not doing things that need to be done…but things simply for my own enjoyment. This blog happens to be one of those things and I have failed. Its amazing how it feels when you can write something online, and hope you connect to someone out there is cyberspace. It’s amazing , it’s freeing. I often feel like I can make a connection with anyone anywhere because we have something in common. That is something that I love.

So…I mad a list….Since I was in a rut…”hahaha” “stuck in a rut”…I have made a list as to how to get “unstuck”…so whenever you feel like wallowing, don’t …… do this.Oh and keep in mind this isn’t really a list of things to do per say … It’s a list sometimes of things I do, sometimes of something i see and think you should look at and sometimes…its random ideas from my head. So its not a list so much about what to do…its about thinking about what to do…because I hate those lists that are like “take time for yourself” “be a better person” “smile”

1. Watch Finding Nemo: When I say watch, you have to actively watch. That means you can’t be doing anything else. Focus on the details … watch the movie. I guarantee when you actually watch the movie…you will find it to be hilarious. It will make you laugh, and you won’t even notice it. I watched it recently after not having seen it for a very long time…and I forgot how funny it is…especially for adults. Make whale sounds like Dori…and just be a kid again…oh and make popcorn and drizzle a little maple syrup on it…that’s my favorite. No butter, just a little maple syrup.

2. Colored Socks: Not the same color. I don’t know if you know there’s this amazing land called “Costco” its filled with wonderful things, and if full of everything you can imagine. It’s like Playland for adults. Anyways at Costco they have these socks..They are pretty big packets, with different colored socks. Never wear the same color on both feet. You can’t over think it either. Dump all the socks in a drawer, clothes your eyes, and pick the socks that feel the softest….and if they are pink on one foot and green on another…life is good. Make sure to take off your shoes and lot..and walk around in public with your socks on.

3. Look at this picture.Best thing ever.


4. Watch Space Jam. This is still on my “To Do” list. I haven’t in a long time. But it is the most awesome thing in the whole world, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about we can’t be friends. Please sing along with the movie ” I BELIEVE I CAN FLLLLLYYYYY…”

5. Kettle Chips – The Sea Salt and Vinegar — Eat them, eat them by yourself. They are gross and awesome at the same time, and they leave you all greasy and smelling weird and it is the most amazing feeling in the entire world.

6. Play ABBA’s greatest hits…or watch Mamma Mia the Movie, or both! Singing along is a MUST you have to do it.

7. Watch the Movie Bridesmaids that is the funniest thing ever….. And you have to sing this song

” No one can change your life except for you, don’t ever let anyone step all over you.”

8. Okay, You can’t laugh at this one. This is the one I turn to in my darkest of hours, in the times when I really really need to survive and be strong. You have to dance and since along, and its better with tears running down your face…think OSCARS…oh and the song is “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

9. The Road to Success is Always Under Construction.. or “Life is always under construction, and so are people”

10. “Accept the things I cannot change” – I can’t do this one. There are things I don’t like about some people..That’s never going to change. If it’s something that really bothers me I should go away from this unchanging person with “bad” habits. These “habits” of people tend to never go away…it is very hard and rare for people to change in certain ways, and many habits and behaviors will always stay the same. So consider what exactly is bothering you..Can you live with things being that way for the rest of your life? Cause you might have to. You have to either understand the person is not going to change and if you can’t accept that behavior run away and go eat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

11. I wouldn’t want one of these on my car — but its pretty funny.


12. Join the nearest FlashMob

13. Make weird noises, try to spell them, and then make a video of making the weird noises

14. Read and Follow Directions and Appreciate. Laugh and realize we all do these things.


15. Say “oh no you didnnnnnnnnt” like a sassy mamma

16. YOLO – It’s your new MOTTO


…..stay tuned for part two….I’m sleepy 😉


4 Responses to "My Epic Fail – Get Unstuck from That Rut List"

Reblogged this on rangpursoftdotbddotcom and commented:

Honestly. This is one of the most inspirational, fun, and emotional blogs I have ever seen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Muchimas gracias, Michael

Thank you so much. I’m not really like other people. So I worry that my words and sayings are a little wacky and to have a comment like this makes me truly feel wonderful. Thank you. You seem wonderful

Your words are beautiful. Like your heart is, I am sure. I wish for you … happiness, freedom, and love. best wishes from Michael

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