I’m Joining the Circus and Running Away

Posted on: May 1, 2012

I’m not exactly sure why I feel this way, I couldn’t give you a definite reason. It just seems like a good idea. Its what you see in the movies. Its what people in my grandparents generation went off and did. They left their family for adventure, at the circus. I mean who wouldn’t want to go constant travels, excitement, amazing things. These days you can’t run away to the circus, you can’t really run away anywhere. Why? Because it costs so much money just to walk out your front door. Its a shame it really is, but thats the fact of the matter. We have lost a huge chance to explore the world. To explore ourselves, we no longer have freedom. Well, maybe we do, but not in the sense I think of. When people didn’t have cell phones, and only could write letters, and you didn’t exactly know what was going on with someone every second of every minute of just all the time, you didnt know. That was a good thing. Now it seems like we are so busy and we have to know everything.


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