I’m not really sure what do with it all – hmmmm

Posted on: April 18, 2012

Cutie Dog in a Parked Car I Saw This Morning Leaving the House


Every day I wake up. I do the same thing. I get stressed out. I rationalize it and feel better. I recognize that the stress is irrational and then try and move forward in a productive way. Shit I sound like a self-help book, and at least for me…that shit, doesn’t work. Telling me “it’ll be ok” does not exactly just magically poof make the world all better.

I give a lot of advice to my friends, but sometimes I don’t take it. Which is silly. I think lately I have had a lot going on, no more so than anyone else…but it’s been getting to me.

I honestly feel like there’s just one thing, after another thing, after another thing to do…and it never ends…and all I want to do is sleep. Maybe not sleep but I don’t wanna do this stuff. I know I can get this stuff done, but I feel like I just need to *sigh*.. Like I need a release of pressure or something….Idk.

So Here’s What I Have Decided to Do

1. Make a plan, not one that says oh form 1-2 i do this. Just small goals for the day. Goals to reach at any point and finish. Like read this, or write half of that. Then, if I have time, do more, if I feel like it do more, but give myself limits. Don’t overwork..cause i’ll be less productive

2. Agua de Sandia: this is basically watermelon juice, I get it fresh from this mexican restaurant take out burrito place. It’s amazing it always calms me down and just makes me feel so much better. I’m not exactly sure why that is.

3. Whenever I feel down I like eating cool foods. Not things like ice cream, but like oranges or salad, or basically not cooked meats and things.

Well, I am not sure what comes after three because I have to go do something that I have to do for a few hours, and then I’ll figure out the rest.

I guess just one thing at a time, don’t kill myself over it its not worth it.


Love love


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