Things That Remind Me of Childhood Part 2

Posted on: April 15, 2012

1. Poprocks

Best things ever, such a delightful feeling in your mouth!!!!!!


2. The Magic School Bus

I was absolutely addicted to this. There was this one episode that was about music and it was the best thing ever!


3. Jelly Shoes

I feel like these are back on the scene , I loved them.


4. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

I used to play these computer games. The best ever…


5. Sky Dancers

I don’t know if you played with these, or if it was just me. But I was in LOVE with them


6. Krystal Princess

I don’t know if you remember these, I vaguely do. I only had one for a short while, so it might just be me. I loved that it was like a snowglobe.


7. Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Okay again, this might just be me…but I was in love with doing these. I don’t see kids around with them these days.


8. Nancy Drew Books

I think I read every single one of these books. They were those hardback books with like the horrible yellow. I loved these. I never see kids with these anymore! Just thinking about them makes me want to go back and read them all.


9. Boxcar Children

Again, maybe know one read these but me, but I read these books and loved them!


10.  Nick Jr. with “The Face” – Now I feel really old, if you didn’t see this on TV I feel old. It’s funny I hardly remember these things.


11. Rocko’s Modern Life


12. Light Up Sneakers

These days you can only wear light up shoes if you are like under 5 or they are in a pair of stripper heels, so sad.


13. Back to the Future Movies…

I loved all these movies. Even the last one when they were in cowboy land


14. City Slickers

Best movies EVER seriously!!!



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