Things the Remind Me of Childhood Part 1

Posted on: April 13, 2012

1. Polly Pockets: “Put a pretty Polly in your pocket today!”

Not those new Pollys with the jelly clothes. The old ghetto Polly Pockets that only bent at the waist. They would like bend in that place only, and they had these little plastic containers for houses. They were the best. This reminds me of childhood so much.


2. Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

This was like a sort of Barbie Doll. I dont know many other people who know about this, but there used to be a television show, and I had their dolls and , and watched the show. I love it. The dolls would ride on unicorns.

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3. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon: I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice. In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil… and that means you! “

If you don’t now sailor moon we can’t be friends. I was SO into the books and all of that. I love the TV shows and movies and dolls. OMG obsessing. I mean I knew all of the songs, and all of the all of the characters and was complete infatuated with the story.


4.Captain Planet

Opening Narrator: Our world is in peril. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet. She gives five special rings to five special young people. From Africa, Kwame with the power of earth. From the North America, Wheeler with the power of fire. From the Soviet Union, Linka with the power of wind. From Asia, Gi with the power of water and from South America, Ma-Ti with the power of heart. With the five powers combined they summon earth’s greatest champion – CAPTAIN PLANET!”

Captain Planet Ruled My World I loved this I wanted to have the animal powers. I wanted to save the planet from all of the toxic waste!


5. RugRats


This show was great when I was younger, but then they turned into teenagers and it just got weird.


6. Big Red Comfy Couch “Clock Rug Stretch” “Ten Second Tidy”

This was the most bizarre show, I remember it was a clown who sat on a big couch and things were always coming out of the couch. Then she did stretches on a rug in the shape of a clock.

7. Hey Arnold!

Grandpa: Sounds like young Arnold’s got another one of his complex labyrinthine conundrums of a boyhood problem. “

This was a bizarre TV show, I remember the guys head was shaped like a football, but it dealt with the usual childhood issues. I used to watch it all the time.


8. Pinky and the Brain

So cute, as if mice things could actually talk I loved the Brain’s evil voice and all of his plots


9. AAAH Real Monsters !!

This totally creeped me out, as with most childrens shows there are creepy and cool parts.


10. Dexter’s Lab

“Mandark: My name is Mandark and I am Dexter’s rival. He and I have been competing in science and other things for years and this race is just one more of those things where we try to beat each other, except I try to win by being sneaky and bad! My plan this time is to sabotage the Mark 5, so it doesn’twork as good as it should, then when Dexter is racing he’ll most likely crash up, leaving room for me to win!”

This television was addicting. I was amazing as to how much I wanted to be like a nerd, being a nerd and trying to do all these things to invent.


11. The TV Show Recess

This was a classic kids TV show, all of the social groups (the nerd, the jock) were covered .They had to figure out how to get along. I loved it it was so cool.


12. Furbies

I freaking loved Furbies. I thought they were totally mental and like under the control of weirdness. But they were so cool. Mine never turned off, I put them in my closet and they still made noises. It was such a big deal for me I needed multiple colors. And then there was this news that Furbies were spies and I didnt have one anymore.


13. Beanie Babies

I loved beanie babies I got protects for their name tags. They were expensive too. I wanted the bears and snowmen, and all weird sorts of creatures. I had hundreds of beanie babies, and I dont even know why


14. Tamagotchi I always wanted to keep my tama alive, and I would freak out if I left it for too long. I cleaned its poop and fed it. I hated leaving my tama anywhere, and it was cool if you had an advanced tama


Continued in part two


2 Responses to "Things the Remind Me of Childhood Part 1"

oww I loved poly pocket once upon a time 😀

My reaction to reading this blog:
Growing up in the 90’s was the best. Best toys and tv shows! 😀 Dragon Ball Z reminds me of my childhood too 🙂

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