My Place in the World

Posted on: April 13, 2012


I met this dog one day, it belonged to an elderly woman who had hearing problems. This dog seems very small to be a disability dog, but she is amazing. Whenever there is an alarm or she needs to cross the street, the little dog taps her owner and rubs on her to signal her attention that she did not hear a noise. I find that absolutely amazing.

To appears to be like any other day. Which means, as usual, I feel a little useless. Today I am worried about what to wear outside because it may or may not rain. “Will I be cold? Should I pack an extra sweater? Should I wear rain boots? What if I wear rain boots and there is no rain, then won’t I look stupid. I don’t want people to think I look stupid because I am wearing rain boots and it isn actually raining.” Wow, if these are the daily “problems” I have then life really is alright. It’s hard to move past the little world we live it. The things that we do, that we are a part of have most of our attention. It is hard to break out of our own little bubbles where we will and look at like through rose-colored glasses. We place value on objects based on our desire for them. We ignore the people around uss. We tend to stay away from people we don’t understand. We hate or love things, its very polarized and black or white. Someone is either nice or mean. It seems at though there is no medium. So while I’m sitting here two things are on my mind: Is it selfish and silly to focus on my life and feel as though the projects I have, what I need to wear, the things I need to by etc, and is it incorrect for me to not recognize the world as it is and try to make change and understand my problems don’t really matter?

Now it may be that my problems matter. Family, work, jobs, but its all stress. Its basically all form of nonsense. I do not need 50 choices of salad dressing, and I dont need even one. I don’t need 1000 types of deodorant with different scents. I certainly do not need 1 million pairs of shoes for different occasions. While I do not need these things, society expects me to have them. These trinkets and objects hold value in this day and age. The type of car you have, to what you wear and look like, does she do her nails etc.

And then I look at the world and just feel like a big fail. Well maybe that isn’t fair, because my life is important too. But f I stop caring about the things my society values then will I be an outsider? What if I devote my life to trying to just make at least one person’s life better? Is that possible? Is it fair to me? Is it right to live fo other people and can I make a difference?

Either way I want to try and help and change the life of someone. I feel like I was not put on this Earth to sit around and obsess over nail polish colors. I think the fact is that we have too much crap, and too much time on our hands. We have lost our humanity. We have lost our sense of family, and we have stopped focusing on what we truly need and what shapes our character, and instead we are obsessed with things that bring us nothing.

These things aren’t easy to actually do. This is my life, I have chosen to be a part of this society, and in this society as with any there are customs, behaviors, and values. So how do I remain within that group and try and change the world. How do I convince people that there is more to life then having the latest and greatest cell phone. We can not change the world, and we cannot help other people, if we don’t understand and realize the problems within ourselves. We make judgments and say how other people should behave, when we do not focus enough on our own behavior? Is there really a reason to be mad that you couldn’t find the exact type of paper you needed? Is the world over because you failed one test? Is the world over because you have freckles? Is the world over because you didn’t attend the ‘right’ school? Its something to think about, many people are no longer close with their families. We have lost a sense of community, because apparently we don’t need eachother. We think we need no one.

We become reliant on things. While the technological developments of things like the iPad can do may things, we have forgotten how to do things ourselves. People would be healthier and eat better if they had to go catch and cook their own food. If you had to walk down to a well and carry water to your house every day, that would provide you with exercise. If you had to cook and clean and even make clothes for your children could you? Can you survive without a cell phone? Do you realize we have made life complicated? If we slow down for a minute or two and realize, people would be healthier, they wouldn’t be obese, or have eating disorders if they had physical activity where they had to provide food for their family, if they couldn’t just go buy chicken and cookies from the grocery store. If we stopped having facebook, and mass social networking we could start having real relationships and conversations. People no longer know how to talk to eachother. If we stopped living in a virtual world we could experience all the world has to offer.

I just think there needs to be change, but i know that this will not happen. I would rather life be “harder” I would rather not have technology or cell phones. I would rather learn how to take care of myself. I would rather be able to hunt and kill and prepare my own food. I would want life to be less complicated. We worry about this policy or that policy and people do not give a shit about other people. thats true…at least not really

what do you think?


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