Easy Ways to Make Your Life Better This Second

Posted on: April 13, 2012

I hate those lists that are like try something new, be a better person. The world doesn’t work that way so here are my tips.

1. Understand that life is simple. People are simple. Relationship are simple. (You are about to click away from the page because you think I’m wrong). The thing that makes life complicated is us. The humans. We complicate situations. We over think things. We just need to take a pause, step back and realize that situations aren’t as complicated as we make them out to be.

2. Go to the Bathroom – people don’t feel good when this aspect of their life is out of wack. Its no fun.

3. Eat, something without sugar, because people get grumpy when they are hungry and don’t realize it.

4. Smile. If you’re mad or sad, screw it just smile. Smile until your cheeks hurt. Don’t stop. Then everyone will either thing you look funny or smile back at you. And you’ll be happy.

5. Get out of bed, get out of the house

6.If you are frustrated take a pillow outside. Throw the pillow on the ground, against a tree, into the mud, step on the pillow, kick the pillow, punch the pillow. You know some people just have things pent up inside them that they need to let out. You can also do the same with a stuffed animal.

7.  Go outside and scream: this can be so liberating when you are frustrated and just want to let it out.

8. Wear something completely you, completely outrageous in public and be proud of yourself.

9.Hug people, don’t be weird about it though. Just randomly hug people on the street or people you meet who look like they need some cheering up. Smiling can also work, also do not hug in weird ways.

10. Run, in a circle. Specifically in an open area. Just keep running and running and running in a big circle, and start laughing. It gets your endorphins going.

11. Be a loser

12. Join a local flash mob

13. Be a ninja

14. Lay on the ground. And look up. Just do it. Just lay there and look up.

15.Blow up a balloon and then pop it with a needle behind someone

16. Dress up like a superhero

17.  Speak with a foreign accent all day.

18. Pretend to be a tree. Like outside in public

19.Go into an elevator and occasionally make chirping noises

20. Karaoke

21. Be that crazy person in the car you see rocking out to music

22. Sleep


17 Responses to "Easy Ways to Make Your Life Better This Second"

awsum… i wanna try that ninja part between 😀

This is fantastic! I hate the lists that are like “Be a better you”, you list works much better 😀

thank you….. I can’t handle being told to think about myself a respect myself and try to breathe and be the best version of myself……”blah thinking doesn’t help

You are so cool. Thank you for your energy, your light, and your honesty. It is people like you that make life worth living. Thank you. Michael

This is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. You are literally making me cry. It is good to feel like I can make a connection with someone somewhere. I don’t have it all figured out, but I do my best. Thank you for your kind words and support

The pleasure is all mine. i really wish you the very best in your life. You deserve all the good things that you give to others. Best wishes, Michael

🙂 thank you so much you as well

Suggesting anything else would be crazy, though on those summer days so warm and hazy,
we sat and laughed liked children again and remembered a beautiful time when
laughing was easy, peasy, Japanesy. And in our hearts, life was breezy.
I looked at her and felt a stir as she turned and learned that we were near
the pinnacle of puppy love given to a shell by a turtledove.
And kissed her on the cheek I did, as in my lonely heart I lived
as simple as a unicorn who loved again his life forlorn.
But then I sang “O Solo Mio”
to one we called Caraceleo.

Thank you once again. I wish I had met you long ago, instead of the wicked woman who broke my heart. Best wishes, Michael

Best wishes again, Michael. Thank you for following and for liking my words. Michael

I think your top 5 are fantastic, and I love #10, too. Another variation on #10 is to spin in a circle like you probably did as a small child. Spin until you’re so dizzy that you fall down. It just feels good. 🙂

Thank you for liking a post on one of my blogs ( – I appreciate it!

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