Rainy Day

Posted on: April 11, 2012

This is my little girl cozy in bed. For the first time I let the groomer put a bow on her collar. Cuteness.

The weather isn’t nice outside today. But, at the same time I love it. It’s raining here, and is supposed to rain the rest of this week (possible thunderstorms tomorrow). While, on the one hand, the weather makes me not want to go outside, on the other, it makes me want to stay inside. Sometimes staying home can be great. It’s like I have a different sort of attitude on rainy days, and it like it. I’m in bed doing some work and luckily I have my favorite people around me 🙂 It is lovely to be cozy, but it can be hard to be productive at the same time.

On my favorite rainy days, I always do a few things. 1) I love mexican hot chocolate – i think its called abuelita(?) now. It comes in these round packages and its basically this bars of chocolate you have to break that have sugar and chocolate and cinnamon, and you heat milk and you milk this awesomeness into it. perfect. 2) socks – costco socks, the rainbow ones 3) books 4) movies 5) music 6) bed 7) burritos.

I downloaded the book: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter yesterday. I only read the introduction, but it was amazing. I did not know there was a book by this title, I saw the movie trailer the other day. Everyone in the theater was laughing and thought it was hilarious and absurd. I , on the other hand, wanted to see it. I googled the movie to figure out what it was about, and found that it was based on a book. A very popular book. It seems completely bizarre. But lately everything is about werewolves and vampires. Its just refreshing to have something new, such as a President of the United States, incorporated into the story. However, I am tired of werewolves and vampires. Too many books ,and now too many movies. Before that it was superhero movies. I definitely need something new. The Hunger Games movie was horrible. I loved the book, but the movie was horrible. Everything was horrible and it was a huge disappointment. Honestly, I would have preferred if the movie was more similar to Gladiator, because it really is dark and gruesome. Of course I understand that it has to be appealing to younger audiences, the whole movie was just a great disappointment. It wasn’t just that the movie left out parts of the book, its that the movie just sucked. There was no depth, nothing. Horrid. I’m tired of zombies, and vampires, and werewolves, and superheros.

Click for the link to the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter book on Amazon

Now it’s late. It’s dark outside. I don’t even know what I was trying to say. It’s interesting though I was doing work today and I heard a girl behind me say “sometimes when I creep someone’s Facebook for a long time I forget that it isn’t mine….” ok

You know those nights when you can’t sleep and you don’t really want tomorrow but you have to have tomorrow , so you secretly decide to boycott tomorrow for some reason..but then you go anyway? That is my state of mind. What is yours?

I realized today , again, that it really is the little things in life that make me happy. I mean really little, the big stuff really doesn’t matter AT all!!

Lately I’ve become obsessed with a song. I go through these phases where I’m super obsessed. I love it and I’m falling in love with music like it. Tell me what you think sweet pea..

Amos Lee – Sweet Pea

Okey I’m falling asleeeep nighttty


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