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Cutie Dog in a Parked Car I Saw This Morning Leaving the House


Every day I wake up. I do the same thing. I get stressed out. I rationalize it and feel better. I recognize that the stress is irrational and then try and move forward in a productive way. Shit I sound like a self-help book, and at least for me…that shit, doesn’t work. Telling me “it’ll be ok” does not exactly just magically poof make the world all better.

I give a lot of advice to my friends, but sometimes I don’t take it. Which is silly. I think lately I have had a lot going on, no more so than anyone else…but it’s been getting to me.

I honestly feel like there’s just one thing, after another thing, after another thing to do…and it never ends…and all I want to do is sleep. Maybe not sleep but I don’t wanna do this stuff. I know I can get this stuff done, but I feel like I just need to *sigh*.. Like I need a release of pressure or something….Idk.

So Here’s What I Have Decided to Do

1. Make a plan, not one that says oh form 1-2 i do this. Just small goals for the day. Goals to reach at any point and finish. Like read this, or write half of that. Then, if I have time, do more, if I feel like it do more, but give myself limits. Don’t overwork..cause i’ll be less productive

2. Agua de Sandia: this is basically watermelon juice, I get it fresh from this mexican restaurant take out burrito place. It’s amazing it always calms me down and just makes me feel so much better. I’m not exactly sure why that is.

3. Whenever I feel down I like eating cool foods. Not things like ice cream, but like oranges or salad, or basically not cooked meats and things.

Well, I am not sure what comes after three because I have to go do something that I have to do for a few hours, and then I’ll figure out the rest.

I guess just one thing at a time, don’t kill myself over it its not worth it.


Love love


This is  one of my dogs, whenever I need to be happy I look at his cute smiling face

1. ” when I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead” great advice from Barney Stinson – How I Met You Mother.. Be Legendary

2. Visit I Can Haz Cheesburger.. Look at dogs and cats. Be them. Animals are happy with the tiniest things. Learn from them.If you leave them home all day, if you don’t call, if you don’t givethem their favorite meal everyday..they are waiting at the door. So freaking excited to see you..we should learn from them. They are so excited for a toy or going to the park. We really need to appreciate all the little things. Www.icanhazcheesbuger

3. Have a tootsie pop

4. Have an otter pop when its hot outside….it’s like those things you freeze..I like the cherry ones

5. Eat nutella out of a jar with a spoon

6. Delete Facebook

7. Have a conversation with a random person on the street take an interest in their life

8. Get animal cookies the ones dipped in the pink or white or brown stuff with sprinkles

9. Watch the sound of music and sing along

10. Go out with friends a karaoke let loose

11. Annie’s Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Bunnies…period.

12. Jump In Puddles

13. Know you’re hot know you’re fabulous know you’re unique be happy with yourself. Know it own it.

14. NEVER compare yourself to anyone..biggest mistake ever

15. The more confident and happy you are the more confident and happy people you’ll draw into your life.

16. If people make an effort to be in your life then they are meant to be. Let people go who don’t make an effort.

17. Get in the car and just drive. Just go somewhere..Anywhere don’t have a plan.

18. Compliment someone on their shoes or eyes..make someone feel special

19. Most things you worry about won’t happen

20. Be Sexy, Feel Sexy

21. Wear Jeans , A white tshirt, and sunglasses with converse

22. Sing ” my bologna has a first name it’s o s c a r…”

23. Throw away your scale

24. Answer this question “what do you want?”

Today I was carrying food and my phone walking to my car on a semi-busy street. I happened to trip and fall. As this happened, my phone slid under a parked minivan. There were people walking by, and I wanted my phone so I put my things down on the ground and climbed under the minivan, I’m not very big 5’4″ and pretty skinny. I could slide easily underneath the van. I grabbed my phone and then got stuck, not my body, but my clothes go the underpart stuff. A fat police man had to un-stuck me


Posted on: April 15, 2012

Today I was tired.

Today I was sad.

Today I was hungry.

Today I was mad.

Today I was happy.

and a little bit glad.


Now I feel a bit crappy

That’s All I Can Say

After Washing My Camera

In the Laundry Today 😦

1. Poprocks

Best things ever, such a delightful feeling in your mouth!!!!!!


2. The Magic School Bus

I was absolutely addicted to this. There was this one episode that was about music and it was the best thing ever!


3. Jelly Shoes

I feel like these are back on the scene , I loved them.


4. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

I used to play these computer games. The best ever…


5. Sky Dancers

I don’t know if you played with these, or if it was just me. But I was in LOVE with them


6. Krystal Princess

I don’t know if you remember these, I vaguely do. I only had one for a short while, so it might just be me. I loved that it was like a snowglobe.


7. Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Okay again, this might just be me…but I was in love with doing these. I don’t see kids around with them these days.


8. Nancy Drew Books

I think I read every single one of these books. They were those hardback books with like the horrible yellow. I loved these. I never see kids with these anymore! Just thinking about them makes me want to go back and read them all.


9. Boxcar Children

Again, maybe know one read these but me, but I read these books and loved them!


10.  Nick Jr. with “The Face” – Now I feel really old, if you didn’t see this on TV I feel old. It’s funny I hardly remember these things.


11. Rocko’s Modern Life


12. Light Up Sneakers

These days you can only wear light up shoes if you are like under 5 or they are in a pair of stripper heels, so sad.


13. Back to the Future Movies…

I loved all these movies. Even the last one when they were in cowboy land


14. City Slickers

Best movies EVER seriously!!!



I took this picture on my way home today. I asked if the lady needed help, thinking her dog was hurt. She was fine, she said she was just taking her dog on a walk. Hm…

Zombies: Source

When you actually have to survive with much…taking less with you is actually more helpful. You don’t need chocolate, you don’t need a huge saw. The less you take the less you have to carry, and the better and more productive items that really make a difference. It’s not like you are going to drag a suitcase through the snow, or over the mountains. If you want to survive anything whether or not it’s zombies, you need to be prepared. Less is more, be simple, be effective. The thing is don’t be too simple, you don’t want to combine all the things you need like a compass, knife, etc on one gadget, cause if you lose that you are screwed. Do not rely on a solar panel charger, if you rely on it too much and it breaks or stops functioning the things you use it will will be useless. Do not depend on electricity.

1. Bandanas.

If you don’t know why you need bandanas (plural) you are already in trouble. Bandanas are magic. They can do so many useful things. Check out this Blog: Survival Cache for a list of 30 uses for Bandanas. The things I use bandanas for : mainly as a water filter, its really great as a water catcher too.You can clean everything you need to, tie a wound, and there are a million other uses. So when the zombies chase you, at least you can have fresh filtered water, you can tie off your arm after you’ve been bitten, you can cover your mouth when the aliens set fires to the buildings and you need smoke protection.

2. Pocket Knife

You do not want a knife with a spoon, fork, and nail file. You don’t want a pocket knife that is huge and bulky. You need a pocket knife with functions that you actually need. Do not get a pocket knife with a USB drive, because there may not be a use for it, really? The aliens can probably infiltrate the drive anyway. Also you shouldn’t get one with a little flash light in it, because when the battery goes out you will get depressed, and its just a disappointment waiting to happen. Plus you really do not want a pocket knife with thirty types of little scissors. I recommend the Swiss Army Forester One Hand. It has a strong grip, the right sharp tools to get the job done, and no excuses.

Source: Swiss Army

3. Antibiotics, Pain Medication, Anti-Histamine

These are absolute necessities, and if you have to bring a lot of something…this is what to bring. Infection is common everywhere, trust me you won’t be able to bring bandaids, but things can get pretty rough in the wild. You need an anti-histamine for an allergic reaction as well. You also want a broad antibiotic that can treat a variety of conditions because you never know what will happen.

4. Fire Steel

Lighting a fire with sticks is way hard, and when I saw way hard, I mean you need an alternative. Fire steel can light things on fire in almost all weather conditions and it will last a long time. Its small and you can take it with you everywhere, just don’t lose it.


5. Mosquito Net

These can be great to keep out the mosquitoes , but also as fishing nets. You can thing of a multitude of ways to use this. They are super light too, and don’t take up much room.

6. A Canteen

Obviously to carry water, you can’t get one that is too big, because it will get exhausting carrying it around all day.

7. Whistle

8.Small Mirror for signaling

9. Kool Aide – For the Sugar

10. Good Shoes

Good Luck


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